Bipolar, PTSD, and Daily Life with Etsy, Fashion, Jewelry

New Jewelry Items & A Coupon!


Through all of the added stresses lately, my jewelry business has kept me from becoming too preoccupied with the things I cannot change, and to instead concentrate on the things that I love to do.

Yesterday afternoon I took 154 pictures of some new jewelry, a couple of purses I am selling on Ebay, and a fantastic vintage pitcher and glasses set for the shop. It was such fun! I’m actually starting to enjoy this part that I used to hate, not that my pictures are any better, I just like to look at the pretty sparkly things! LOL

Here are the items already in my Etsy shop here CathysCraftyDesigns on Etsy

Here’s the link to my shop again –CathysCraftyDesigns on Etsy – The coupon code SAVENOW can save you 20% even on new items!

I will be adding the rest of the items throughout the next week, so I will keep you all updated!

I am also auctioning a Michael Kors purse for my niece on Ebay. She needs to pay for a school calculator that accidentally got broken. In my day, I had to pay for a ton of unreturned library books. The calculator is a lot more expensive!

Michael Kors Purse on Ebay

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Bipolar, PTSD, and Daily Life with Etsy, Fashion, Jewelry

Bracelets With a Purpose

Bracelets are a main staple in many jewelry boxes, for both women and men. They can be anything from a diamond tennis bracelet worth thousands of dollars, to a simple braided rope worth much less in money, but priceless in its personal meaning.

There are many different types and styles of bracelets in my Etys Shop for you to browse through. Of course, there are always more coming too!

Here are a few of the bracelets that contain gemstone beads that are thought to have a specific effect on your life.

As I stated, this is just a few of the bracelets that are available, and I love special requests.

Stop by and check them out here: CathysCraftyDesigns Bracelets, or check out the Vintage Bracelets here: CathysCraftyDesigns Vintage Bracelets

Stop by and use Coupon Code ‘SAVENOW’ to save 20% at checkout!

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Bipolar, PTSD, and Daily Life with Etsy, Fashion, Jewelry

Jewelry Sets!

A jewelry set is two or more pieces that are meant to be worn together for a coordinated and/or complimentary look. Many people wear these matching or coordinated sets for special occasions such as weddings or other formal events. Others just like to match a couple of pieces. Personally, I’m such an ‘odd duck’ that sometimes I want to be all sophisticated and coordinated, others I want to be eclectic and flashy everywhere.

Currently, I have around 35 Jewelry Sets of varying types and materials available in my Etsy shop, one section set aside just for them, plus a few more in the Faux Pearls section, and even a beautiful green agate necklace and earrings set available in Vintage Necklaces.

To see them in my Etsy Shop – CathysCraftyDesigns Jewelry Sets

Here are a few of my favorites, I had quite a time deciding which to show here, I love so many!

I stopped at only 9 for simple space and not wanting to overloading you with too many. (Although I love to show off my work!)

Of course, if you happen to find a single piece in my shop that you like and want to match with another, I can usually do that (not easy on vintage items).

Please stop by and check them out, you never know what you may see for yourself, or a special loved one in your life! After all, everyone has a birthday!! 

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Bipolar, PTSD, and Daily Life with Etsy, Fashion, Jewelry

Fabulous and Eclectic New Jewelry!

Yesterday afternoon was super busy for me, finally! I finally had enough light, time, and energy for a photo shoot for my favorite new pieces! YAY!! This is, for me, the hardest part of the entire process. I can never seem to get enough light in the pictures, or get it from the right angle, or something. It’s a pure miracle that I manage to sell anything, I swear!

Here are the pieces already in my shop CathysCraftyDesigns on Etsy:

I am very excited to have so many new items to enter! I have a real back up of things that need photos, and hopefully I will get to them all next month. It’s my goal anyway, to get this all caught up and organized. God, and Bipolar, willing, I will get there!

Here are some of the items I hope to get entered today and this week. (OMG I actually used the ‘Random Order’ option for the photos – IT’S CHAOS!!! LOL not at all like me.)

As you can see, I have no real set style or design template that I stick to when I make jewelry. I simply look at my supplies, and make something that pleases me.

When I purchase supplies for my jewelry, they could come form anywhere, really. If I see something that interests me, or looks like it may interest me later on at some point (yup, hoarder trait!), I’ll stick it away in my ‘stuff’ boxes. Boy, are these starting to get bigger!

My ‘stuff’ boxes could contain anything from gemstone, freshwater pearl, glass, crystal, rhinestones, feathers, just about anything I find that looked pretty to me at some moment in time!

Well, I am off now to begin entering these fabulous new pieces into my Etsy Shop. Please stop by a couple of times today and check them out!

CathysCraftyDesigns on Etsy

Hope to see you there!

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Bipolar, PTSD, and Daily Life with Etsy, Fashion, Jewelry, Vintage

Cathy’s Crafty Designs Vintage Earrings: Glitz and Glam!

Do you love earrings? I do. From the little studs that look so dainty, to the really fabulous blinged out rhinestone earrings when I want to feel truly special, and the really fun and funky pair that may not be found anywhere else. Well guess what? I have almost 100 pair of earrings in my Etsy shop!

One of the first things people will see of you is (hopefully) your face, and what jewelry frames your face? Why, earrings of course! These are some of the more serious and fancy earrings in my shop. For the really fun and funky earrings, you should check out the ones I made too!

Vintage Ear Swag!

For more details in my Etsy Shop, or to order, click here: Cathy’s Crafty Designs Vintage Earrings

While you’re there, check out the other Vintage Jewelry items I have!

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Bipolar, PTSD, and Daily Life with Etsy, Jewelry

Idle Hands? No Way!


Are you able to sit still and do nothing? Perhaps while watching television, or listening to music? This is something that I wonder about daily because I am completely unable to do it.

Back before I was put on disability, I had the same problem, but then I had three jobs to keep me busy at all times. Now? Now I make jewelry and have a pretty big online presence (for me anyway) after 5 years doing it for Etsy. My hands hurt though. LOL

From what I understand, most of the people that create things (art, jewelry, sewing, etc.) to sell online have a set aside area just for that purpose. I sort of do too. We have a spare room in our house that holds not only the majority of my crafting and jewelry hardware, but also the more delicate and expensive parts to my husband’s current project, a 1968 Ford Mustang (the real love of his life I think).

However, I actually make the jewelry sitting in the living room in my love seat with the dog right beside me for company (or aggravation, depending on his mood). I have a footstool that opens and stores a lot of my supplies out of sight, while I have more in a basket and some in small boxes stacked up. Makes for quite a sight in one corner of the living room!

This is also where I take the photos of my items, as I sit right beside three large windows that look out into my front yard (south facing for awesome light on the right days). I do it all right here in front of the television and my windows.

Unless I am eating, sleeping, or at the doctor, I am working on my shop. Even when out shopping, I am on the lookout for good deals on jewelry type items. I have boxes and boxes of things that I want to make and just haven’t gotten to yet! And I’m always buying more! My husband says I’m a hoarder, LOL. He is too, but for tools and auto parts!

A hoarder I may be, but I love what I do so much that I can’t stop! If I sit down, I am making something, or promoting it. Not all of what I make ends up in the Etsy shop, some I give away, some I keep, some get taken back apart and remade into something better. I have so much fun!! Not to mention that I am making money doing it! It’s only April and I have already sold almost as much as I did in all of last year! WooHoo!!! Cha-Ching!

Are you able to sit and just do nothing? Or are you like me and always have to be doing something?

Multitasking has become the norm in today’s society, but how much does it affect your personal or business life?

I would love to know!!

Have a Fabulous Day!

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Bipolar, PTSD, and Daily Life with Etsy, Fashion, Jewelry

New Items in Etsy Store!


New Jewelry!

Over the weekend, I was struck by a serious creative bug and made several new jewelry pieces for just about any occasion. Wedding and Prom season is here! I always get excited at the amazing jewelry possibilities at this time of year.

My photos are not great, they are all too dark because I was in a rush to get some taken and get the items listed. I will take better ones this week and replace the others. (Hopefully)


I will be adding more new and vintage jewelry and home decor all day (ok, well, hopefully all week)! Check out my Etsy store often to see them all!

CathysCraftyDesigns on Etsy

Now you know what I will up to all week, what are your plans? Anything for Easter?

Maybe planting a garden? I was able to get some fantastic flower and vegetables seeds this weekend. Now I just have to get them started! Really looking forward to some fresh veggies and home grown salads this summer! Yum!

Have a Wonderful, and Wonder-Filled Day!

Don’t Forget To Smile! They’re Contagious!

Jewelry, Vintage

Yard Sales With the Girls!

Some of my favorite memories of my mother, are the times we spent going to yard sales together on the weekends. She would plan our route carefully using the local paper’s list. We would get up early in the morning hours on Saturdays and head out bargain hunting, not returning home until we had hit every yard sale on her list, and the ones that we just sort of found along the way. What fun we would have!

My sister and I still love to go “yard saling”, and her daughters are no different. This past Saturday, we were off for the first trip of this year, and what a fantastic time we had! We found some really fantastic deals, went out to eat, and then went to our very first live dog show! We had a blast! But boy we sure were worn out when we got back home!

My Finds

The bargains that I found were fantastic! The very first yard sale we went to had some vintage jewelry that the lady knew nothing about. She was asking $1 for each item. I found some Trifari earrings, Marvello earrings, and a fabulous made the U.S.A. brooch. Well, $1 a piece simply was not going to sit well on my conscience, so I gave her more than she asked, which she was grateful for, as well as helping her to identify some of her other pieces that she might want to get appraised. And I made a new friend! What a sweet person she was, and my husband has known her other half for years! Bonus!

We also went to a large estate sale, which are among my favorites to go to. Always lots to look at and rifle through. I just love the boxes of miscellaneous ‘stuff’ to go pillaging through, hunting for that perfect item that you didn’t even know you needed. I like to dig for the treasures of yesteryear that are in need of a little love, and a new home.

I found a fantastic set of carnival glass butterfly candy dishes, for quite a steal! I think the they may be quite the find because all of the others that I have managed to find have all of the outer blue ‘carnival’ coating washed away already while mine still have quite a bit remaining. I think they are just lovely, even with part of the coating washed away, what do you think?


We also went our favorite Salvation Army Store and Goodwill, where my nieces were able to find some great deals on some adorable summer clothing, and accessories, and my sister and I found some really cute craft items.

If you’ve ever been shopping at a Goodwill store, you know that they have colored tags and each week is a different color ‘special’, such as half price, or $.99 items with those colored tags. I happened to find an adorable set of hand painted Raggedy Ann and Andy figurines from the 1970’s that were priced at $4.99, which I felt was a pretty good deal as the pain job was really very good and they have very little wear. They are not porcelain, or hollow, they are quite solid, with golden yellow velvet on the bottom. When I got them to the register, they were tagged in the color of the week (green! my favorite color!), and I actually paid much less than that!

For these, I have been unable to find another set like them on Google Photos at all. Not one set of standing Ann and Andy like this out there? Surely not. The closest I was able to find was a set of matching wall plaques, and even they had no information on them other than that they are from the 70’s. I am going to forward these photos, along with a few more, to a few collectors and see what I’m able to find out about them. During my research, I learned about how Raggedy Ann and Andy were ‘born’, and it’s quite a lovely history. I’ll include a link.


Raggedy Ann and Andy: History and Legend by Patricia Hall

I also found a few little personal things that I simply had to have, a lovely ceramic sea turtle tray, a tiny plastic turtle toy to put in front of my living red eared turtle (his name is Fred) tank, and a hardly worn pair of adorable sandals.

Read about the dogs show afterwards and see photos in tomorrow’s blog!

We had a fantastic time and all returned home late that afternoon worn out and tired, but with lots of great memories, bargains, and photos! (Not to mention all of the ‘strange’ dog hair and scents for our own animals to be jealous over! LOL)

Have a Wonderful, and Wonder-Filled Day!

Don’t Forget To Smile! They’re Contagious!

Bipolar, PTSD, and Daily Life with Etsy, Fashion, Jewelry

6 Reasons Why We Wear Jewelry


There are as many reasons why a person wears jewelry as there are people. However, like everything else in life, they all pretty much come down to the basics of human nature.

Life Status


Jewelry can be used to display your wealth and social standing. Think about it, when someone famous gets engaged, don’t you want to see “The Ice”? I always do! When there is a large Hollywood Awards show on, isn’t the jewelry simply outrageously gorgeous? What about when you have your own special event that you must “look your best” for? After choosing the perfect clothing, don’t you then begin another search for just the right jewelry and accessories?

A wedding ring is another way to signal your life status through jewelry. Whether or not a person is married can be pretty important information in some circumstances, don’t you think? According to Brides Magazine, the average cost for an engagement ring in 2018 was a whopping $7,829! Holy Crow! Folks, I could pay my car off with that much! However, I am just a simple country girl (ok, well, old lady now), and have very simple taste when it comes to my everyday pieces.

Group Affiliation

Another reason to wear jewelry is to signify some sort of group affiliation, such as religion (like the Pope’s ring), ethnicity (wearing your country’s flag, for instance), or a social group (like the Freemasons rings, for example). These can show people not only what affiliations you may have, but also perhaps a bit about you as a person, don’t you think? What about your high school or college ring? How long did you wear that? Do you still have it?

This type of jewelry has historically been used both publicly, and in secret, to identify like-minded people when in unfamiliar territory. There was a time when any Freemason in need, no matter who he was or where was, had a friend if he could find another Freemason. Heck, for all I know, it may still be that way (wink!).

Amulet of Protection

An Amulet is any type of “good luck charm” that is thought to provide some type of protection to the wearer, or bearer. This could be anything from a lucky four leaf clover, to Evil Eye charms, Hamsa hands, and Dreamcatchers. Anything at all can serve as an amulet if the wearer believes.

Artistic Display


OK! This is, by far, my absolute favorite reason to wear jewelry! I also call it my “Tickle My Fancy” style, for the simple reason that it’s the only reason I can say that some pieces ‘speak’ to me. You know that feeling, right? You see something that just says ” HI THERE! YOU NEED ME!!”

My absolute favorite necklace of this type to wear is my “Turtle Necklace” that started as a Collaboration with my friend Jennifer at TheScotchPot on Etsy in which, she made some gorgeous wood burned pendants, and I made them into complete necklaces and listed them in my shop under the Section Jath Collaborative (There are currently only three of these items remaining!). I adore frogs (why? you ask? well, because they eat all those creepy crawly bugs, of course!) . She made a fabulous frog pendant, and I just kept adding beautiful beads…….and I made it so perfect, that I had to keep it for myself.  I’ve worn pieces that were intended for the shop, as a sort of trial before, but this is the ONLY one I have ever actually kept for myself. It never even made to the photo stage, or I would show it to you. Sorry. Well, almost (*sheepish grin*).

Personal Meaning

Jewelry with a “Personal Meaning” is, in my opinion, the top selling jewelry, always. It can mean a million different things to a million different people at any given time. Perhaps you wear a Mother’s ring? Or your Birthstone? Maybe a personalized necklace with your name, or longitude and latitude on it, as is all over Etsy right now? A family heirloom perhaps? Maybe a bracelet showing your love of pets, or your career, or your favorite sports teams? All of these things fall under this category of jewelry with a personal meaning to the wearer. Styles can range from the tiniest Minimalist look, to an intricate and complicated Victorian era heirloom.


The functional side of jewelry is often overlooked by the big, so-called ‘serious’ jewelers in today’s society. Things like shawl pins, hair combs, barrettes, tie tacks or clips, even a decorative zipper pull counts in this category. Finding these items in the Vintage section is easy enough, but if you are looking for something high quality and newly made, you are better off going to a smaller, independent jeweler, as are found in abundance on Etsy with a few simple searches.

Well, there you have it. The six basic reasons why we wear jewelry. What are your favorite go-to pieces? Why? I’ll bet your answers tell alot about who you are……..

Have a Wonderful, and Wonder-Filled Day!

Don’t Forget To Smile! They’re Contagious!

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Crystal Dangles

After researching the upcoming jewelry trends, I discovered that crystal drops and dangles of all kinds are all over the runways! WooHoo! Yay! This thrills me to no end because I just LOVE to make the adorable little things, I just don’t always know what to do with them then.

I am so excited that these adorable sparkly dangles are in style and trendy again, that I immediately set to work making more and incorporating some that I had already made in to some beautiful and stunning pieces of Special Occasion and Everyday jewelry. These items I listed in the Shop this morning:

Here are a few of the items unlisted yet – I will be entering these in the next couple of days, but if you’d like to get them before they go in the shop, just shoot me a message! I accept most any forms of payment available today.

I have several more pieces, with and without dangles just waiting for me to take photos and even more waiting for me to finish attaching everything! So, if you are looking for a specific color, style, or option to match that perfect wedding, prom, or homecoming dress, just let me know and we will work together to put together something hand made and custom designed pieces just for you on your special day or evening.

I can also do these styles and types of items in rhinestones, gemstones, pearls, shells, acrylic, wood: if you want it, I WILL find it and it get it for you (some special orders require prepayment for supplies only if not already on hand).

Etsy Shop Link for Items in shop already: CathysCraftyDesigns on Etsy

Contact Me Here for Items not listed or Custom Orders: Contact Form


Have a Wonderful, and Wonder-Filled Day!

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