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The beauty of Mother Nature is all around us, in the flowers and trees, the sunshine & rain, in the animals and in ourselves. What at first appears to happen totally by happenstance, actually has a much deeper purpose and leads to many other seemingly random occurrences that weave themselves together into the lovely silky fabric of life.

For example, the older, infirm herd member falling prey to the hungry predators, leaving the young and strong to continue breeding and raising young. The predators then are able to feed their young and survive as well. In this manner, the herd never gets overpopulated and the predators are a sort of culling crew. They rid the herd of the weak and infirm that are unable to keep up, and the scraps they leave behind become food for scavengers and insects. It sounds brutal when put in terms of prey and predators, doesn’t it?

What happens when humans get involved? Humans move into a beautiful, scenic place with everything that they need to survive, water, game, land to farm, and other humans. Historically, humans use up the local supplies of these items, and then move on. Or, we grow larger and larger, continuously incorporating more into the area until it becomes a city, like New York or Los Angeles.

When a site has been abandoned for whatever reason, the true power and beauty of Mother Nature can then be witnessed. That is the ability to heal herself, to take back what was once hers.

It seems that no matter what we humans do, Mother Nature can, if given enough time, heal herself. The ruins pictured above have been abandoned for many years. As you can see in each picture, they are all slowly being knocked back down or covered back over by weather or nature. Our Earth is healing herself of the damages and signs we left behind. She is reclaiming what is hers.

Another good example are the raging wildfires that are prevalent in the Western US every dry season. They burn thousands of acres of forest land and destroy homes and towns every year. But most of the strong trees are still standing big and strong, the underbrush and lower branches burn, the trees can survive if the bark remains intact. In a way, it’s sort of nature’s way of getting rid of the hangers-on, or dingleberries if you like that better, at the base of the trees that can leave little water and nutrients for the larger fellows.

People’s homes and entire towns get destroyed by wildfires every year. I feel greatly for the people that lose their homes as well as everything they have. The pull of the forest is strong within me as well. There really is no better place to live in my opinion.

Storms are another way that Mother Nature has of cleansing things. We just had major storms in our area this weekend. There are many places with severe damage and trees and limbs down everywhere. A boat pier at a nearby marina was so twisted that one can no longer tell what it was. It is beyond repair and I’m sure will have to be completely replaced.

As much damage as the storms brought with them, there are also many good things as well.

We harvested our first peppers from the garden – my husband is already eating them in salads.

Our blackberries are ready to pick! The extra rain pushed them over the edge into ripeness. I’m super excited about this because it means we can make some good old fashioned blackberry wine, and cobbler, and jelly! Then, when they’re ready, we’ll do the same with Elderberries!

Another side effect of the storms that I love is that all the bird droppings got washed off my car! LOL We have more than 15 birdhouses around the yard that my husband built, and all are inhabited. We also have many birds nesting the trees and shrubs around the house. There are new droppings daily, heck hourly!

I feed the birds and in turn, I get to watch them and hear them sing all day long, and they chase my cat (which is funny to watch) and poop on my car (which is not so funny to watch). I still think I get the better of the deal. They are especially active after the rains because we have huge night crawlers (worms) in our yard.

So, when you are out and about in your daily activities, see if you can notice any signs of where Mother Nature may be trying to take back a part of what was once all hers. She peeks up between the cracks of sidewalks and driveways, on the worn corners of stone buildings where you might least expect to see her…she nothing if not persistent and unyielding in her struggle…

Have a Fabulous Day!

Keep Smiling!

PS On a side note, I’m afraid my health is failing me yet again. This past Friday I was placed on oxygen when I sleep. It has me somewhat concerned because I can’t seem to get a clear answer from the Veterans Administration as to WHY. All they can tell me is that I “qualified for oxygen” according to the overnight monitor they made me wear some time back. Um DUH! LOL

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