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Gotta get this out there, I am truly humbled and thrilled waaaaay past the moon!


Now then, on to today’s post!

When we first bought our home, 10 years ago now, the property had exactly two trees and a lot of weeds, not much else but trash left by the previous owners that we were forced to dispose of.

The two trees we did have were beautiful, a lovely tall Maple tree in the front that provides lovely shade in the afternoons, and a magnificent Magnolia tree of untold age. It is so big that I can’t get the whole thing in one picture without standing in the road which is not at all safe around here with the farm trucks.

Since then, my husband has added several trees, bushes, flowers, fruits and veggies. He has re-built the little shed in the back, built a chicken coop (I am super excited about fresh eggs!), and he never forgets to remind me when something new is blooming so that I can take pictures.

Now, he does these activities every single day after work. He does many other things in the house as well, such as helping with laundry and cooking. He certainly doesn’t have to do these things and I don’t ask him to, he just does them. I am NEVER letting him go!

Here are some of the photos of his amazing talents with growing things, which was a previous career.

And Oh the fruit and veggies he has given me to live on (not all pictured here)! I call it “fruit salad for the fruitcake” LOL If I can’t laugh at myself, everyone else will, right? LOL

I could post many, many more pictures of the various flowers and bushes and vines, but really, there is only so much room here! I will soon though, because I also really must show you the new chicken coop, which deserves a post all its own! I am simply waiting for my baby chicks!

If you are wondering why I call it Our Secret Garden, when it is obviously not hidden, it’s because we rarely have visitors over to enjoy it with us. He did all of this work, plus so much more in flower beds, and birdhouses, and decorations, FOR US. He does them because (he is simply incapable of sitting still and because) it’s his way of expressing his pride in what we have and making it our own.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos, they are completely untouched, and I used my cellphone.

Have A Fabulous Day!

Keep Smiling!


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