Some say that their is no such thing as a foolish question – um, have these people actually spent any time talking to people? Because really, people ask some incredibly foolish and stupid questions.

For instance, several years ago, my mother and walked into a local thrift store and a little elderly lady (with short curly blue hair) looked at me and gasped, “How do you wash that hair?” she asked. (My hair is ultra-long – it’s all the way to my ankles! Just give me sunglasses, and I could be Cousin It!) My immediate reply, without even thinking first, was to say, “In the shower, like everyone else.” To me, that was a foolish, if not really stupid, question. How the heck did she think I washed it? The water hose at the fire department? Duh.

Anyway, I started on this quest with my own question – Why do light bulbs unscrew themselves? The quick answer – heat expansion and contraction. The Mystery of the Unscrewing Bulb. This drives me crazy with my craft lamps! Those lights get hot when I have to screw them back in!

I did a simple Google search for “top stupid questions people ask the internet” and found some of the most hilarious stuff I have seen on the Internet so far:

 There's a pretty easy way of finding this out if you gave birth...

The general stupidity here is astounding, for sure.

 To be fair, she may be on to something...

Okay, I’m not real sure how her logic is working here. How, exactly, would having sex with someone else have any affect on the smell of his FARTS? The smell of his Tidy Whiteys, the smell of his breath even (naaaaasty), but HIS FARTS? How?

 Nope, no idea how these two things are related

BAHAHAHAHAHA! For real? The correlation between turtles and orange juice is something I have never heard of. You? The answer from Pirate Man is the best answer one could possibly give to such an question! Love it! (sorry for the adds – can’t edit the photo)

 Things you need to know before you book a trip

Um, no lady, there are NO BIRDS in Canada, just moose and really polite people! BAHAHAHA! WTH?

 Someone skipped a few science lessons

Kid, you’re right, they are totally made up, it’s all in your head. LOL. Before you remark on the possible age of the poster, they are old enough to spell skeletons.

 Blame the microwaves

I chose to end with this one because it really isn’t foolish, or stupid. It’s a very valid question that microwave people should address immediately!! (Yeah, I’m chuckling like crazy!)

If you would like to read more of these (I only chose the top few, there are 37 on this site alone!), here is the link: ‘CAN I TELL MY HUSBAND’S CHEATING FROM HIS FARTS?’ 37 of the most ridiculous questions people ever asked the internet

So, anytime you feel foolish for asking a question, just refer back here and remind yourself that you are a GENIUS compared to these folks – and they went seriously public with their stupid questions!

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