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Anyone Can Master The Skills To Become Good At Video Marketing — Marketing Secrets

Ever thought of making a video for your product or service? If you are at all involved in a small online or other business, you probably answered yes.

This fantastic blog has all the information and tips you will need to get you started like a pro!

TIP! Great content is critical if you want a video to go viral. Your video could go viral even if you do not own an expensive camera. While video marketing can be quite effective, it also requires resources like information, time and skill to get it up and running.The following advice in this piece ought […]

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Female Entrepreneurs: Launching a New Business Guide — When Women Inspire

A fantastic Blog Post with amazing advice if you are considering opening your own business. A must-read!

If you are considering launching a new business, then here are a few tips to help you set it up. Let’s do this, female entrepreneurs!

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The Importance of Customer Service


Customer Service can make or break a business

After spending hours in chats and researching forums for the last four days, I am finally able to post again!! Did you miss me? Well of course not. But I can always hope!

All of the time spent attempting to correct an issue made me realize that only the big companies can get away with lousy customer service. Us ‘Little Guys’ have to be a thousand times better than they are just to be considered to have good customer service.

Word of mouth can make, or break, a small business with just a few small words.

For instance, when I purchase items from small business sellers online (whether it be from Etsy, Ebay, Mercari, wherever), if it’s an actual business (not just someone selling for a quick buck), the items arrived nicely packaged and usually wrapped in pretty packaging. When you purchase from a big business, you get a box with what you ordered and a packing slip. Maybe some packing peanuts, or those giant plastic bag bubbles.

If you have an issue with big business, you call a call center who knows where, with who knows how many people in it, and you will never get the same person twice. If you are lucky. Some places do not even have that, all you get is documents and forums to search. It can take weeks sometimes to solve a simple issue! If it ever does get solved! (I have discovered that banks are the WORST – they got your money already – they couldn’t care less.)

If you have an issue with a small business, you most likely will speak to one person – a manager or the actual owner. That person, in the interest of keeping a happy customer, will more than likely attend to the matter immediately and resolve the issue with you quickly to your satisfaction.

In my almost 50 years on this Earth, I have learned that customer service is a quality that is severely lacking in this world today. I have noticed many, many people, as well as myself, will go out of their way, and spend a bit more, to deal with people that are friendly, smiling, and genuinely care about their customers.

There’s a local convenience store/gas station that I go to regularly. It is owned and operated by a local woman and her daughter. Every time that I go in they say hello to me by name and ask about my husband and dogs, also by name. There are always a few old timers at the tables drinking coffee, or having a bite to eat while they read the morning paper (yes, people still do that!). I never buy a lot there, but gas, sodas, maybe a sandwich, jerky for the dogs, you know, little stuff. I go there for the human interaction as well as the convenience (it’s 3 miles away from home). The place may be small and out in the boonies, but it always has customers in it, and they are always smiling.

Do you have local businesses that you prefer for the customer service?

What is your customer service policy?

Have any customer service horror stories to share? Go ahead – vent to me! Hint: Businesses can have horror stories too!

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All The Different Ways To Make Money Online — Student Online Hustle

Making money online takes time, effort, patience and finding the areas that work best for you. The key is finding the one that works best from you from an income, effort and risk perspective. There are many different online side hustles for college students. This goes through all of them in detail.

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Why Sell on Etsy?


So, you want to sell on Etsy.  Not to discourage you or anything, but if you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, or an easy way to make money, you are looking in the wrong place. It takes just as much hard work and dedication as opening a “brick and mortar” store in a shopping center.

If you have thousands of dollars just sitting around waiting to hire a market researcher, buy a bunch of stock (or supplies to make it), and then pay to get it photographed, listed (including the SEO), marketed, packaged, and shipped out, you are ALMOST sure of success. Almost.

Truth is, most of us start out small, with what we can afford to start with. Sometimes we get help from family members or friends, if we’re lucky, but mostly we do it on our own. Making it work means lots of hard work, early mornings, and late nights.

Why Do It Then?

“Why do it?” you ask? Most sellers have lots of reasons for continuing with their shop, even during the slow times. A deep undying love for our shops and the items in them, our customers, and our fellow Etsy sellers seems to be what I’ve heard the most. Very closely followed by the extra money and desire to be their own boss, of course.

Some Etsy sellers develop long lasting friendships with their customers, as well as their suppliers. Friendships that can literally “span the globe”.

For some full-time Etsy sellers, it is a way to remain both physically, and mentally, active every day. Personally, I am disabled from Bipolar 3 and PTSD, and Etsy has helped me tremendously with my depression and sense of self worth.

Handmade sellers on Etsy tend to consider themselves (and I agree) to be artists, and simply want to share their art with the world. “Makers Gotta Make!!” is the motto I like to use here. A true artist is going to create art regardless of whether or not anyone buys it.

I’ve spoken to many Vintage sellers on Etsy that have said they are selling some of their personal vintage collection off to make room for more. This is what gave me the idea to add the Vintage Home Decor section to my Etsy shop! Many vintage sellers also have a love of hunting for vintage and antique items that are not only beautiful, but still quite useful and in need of a new, loving home. (Oh yeah, yard sales, estate sales, ….)

With millions of active Etsy sellers out there, in every category, it takes alot of hard work to get noticed and start showing up in searches. It can also be fun, informative, and profitable with the right touches.

My advice, for anyone wanting to open an Etsy shop, is simply this: Get In There! Research a lot, follow the Etsy Podcasts, read the forums, and then just jump in. If you think about it too much, you may form doubts and falter, or over-analyze it. Best to follow Nike’s advice and “Just Do It”!

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