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Female Entrepreneurs: Launching a New Business Guide — When Women Inspire

A fantastic Blog Post with amazing advice if you are considering opening your own business. A must-read!

If you are considering launching a new business, then here are a few tips to help you set it up. Let’s do this, female entrepreneurs!

via Female Entrepreneurs: Launching a New Business Guide — When Women Inspire

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Bipolar, PTSD, and Daily Life with Etsy, Fashion, Jewelry

Bracelets With a Purpose

Bracelets are a main staple in many jewelry boxes, for both women and men. They can be anything from a diamond tennis bracelet worth thousands of dollars, to a simple braided rope worth much less in money, but priceless in its personal meaning.

There are many different types and styles of bracelets in my Etys Shop for you to browse through. Of course, there are always more coming too!

Here are a few of the bracelets that contain gemstone beads that are thought to have a specific effect on your life.

As I stated, this is just a few of the bracelets that are available, and I love special requests.

Stop by and check them out here: CathysCraftyDesigns Bracelets, or check out the Vintage Bracelets here: CathysCraftyDesigns Vintage Bracelets

Stop by and use Coupon Code ‘SAVENOW’ to save 20% at checkout!

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The Importance of Customer Service


Customer Service can make or break a business

After spending hours in chats and researching forums for the last four days, I am finally able to post again!! Did you miss me? Well of course not. But I can always hope!

All of the time spent attempting to correct an issue made me realize that only the big companies can get away with lousy customer service. Us ‘Little Guys’ have to be a thousand times better than they are just to be considered to have good customer service.

Word of mouth can make, or break, a small business with just a few small words.

For instance, when I purchase items from small business sellers online (whether it be from Etsy, Ebay, Mercari, wherever), if it’s an actual business (not just someone selling for a quick buck), the items arrived nicely packaged and usually wrapped in pretty packaging. When you purchase from a big business, you get a box with what you ordered and a packing slip. Maybe some packing peanuts, or those giant plastic bag bubbles.

If you have an issue with big business, you call a call center who knows where, with who knows how many people in it, and you will never get the same person twice. If you are lucky. Some places do not even have that, all you get is documents and forums to search. It can take weeks sometimes to solve a simple issue! If it ever does get solved! (I have discovered that banks are the WORST – they got your money already – they couldn’t care less.)

If you have an issue with a small business, you most likely will speak to one person – a manager or the actual owner. That person, in the interest of keeping a happy customer, will more than likely attend to the matter immediately and resolve the issue with you quickly to your satisfaction.

In my almost 50 years on this Earth, I have learned that customer service is a quality that is severely lacking in this world today. I have noticed many, many people, as well as myself, will go out of their way, and spend a bit more, to deal with people that are friendly, smiling, and genuinely care about their customers.

There’s a local convenience store/gas station that I go to regularly. It is owned and operated by a local woman and her daughter. Every time that I go in they say hello to me by name and ask about my husband and dogs, also by name. There are always a few old timers at the tables drinking coffee, or having a bite to eat while they read the morning paper (yes, people still do that!). I never buy a lot there, but gas, sodas, maybe a sandwich, jerky for the dogs, you know, little stuff. I go there for the human interaction as well as the convenience (it’s 3 miles away from home). The place may be small and out in the boonies, but it always has customers in it, and they are always smiling.

Do you have local businesses that you prefer for the customer service?

What is your customer service policy?

Have any customer service horror stories to share? Go ahead – vent to me! Hint: Businesses can have horror stories too!

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All The Different Ways To Make Money Online — Student Online Hustle

Making money online takes time, effort, patience and finding the areas that work best for you. The key is finding the one that works best from you from an income, effort and risk perspective. There are many different online side hustles for college students. This goes through all of them in detail.

via All The Different Ways To Make Money Online — Student Online Hustle

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Using Twitter for Small Business


As a small business owner, it is important to keep track of what topics are important to your customer base, the things that they care deeply about. This enables you to identify with them on a personal level and the better you know your customer, the better your advertising results will be!

Twitter is the ideal place to form relationships with millions (and millions!) of potential customers, other small businesses, big businesses that offer small business services and solutions, as well as meet some fantastic new people!

In the last 5 years, I have gained 12.6K followers and had a fabulous time doing it! No I am not on Twitter 24/7, I try to schedule tweets ahead and use an app to send them at regular intervals (when I remember to set it up!), then I simply maintain the relationships I have and build new ones daily. I get tons of traffic in my Etsy shop from Twitter, plus a great deal of Brand Awareness out there as well.

Tops Tips for Twitter

Profile – Writing a good profile is essential. You have a very small space to tell people who you are, what you are about, and what you do. Make it short, but good. Include a picture of yourself, or your products if possible. If you have a website, make certain the address in your profile. How will people buy if they can’t find your site?

Posts – PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES!! Honestly, I rarely even look at a post without some sort of picture or graphic, and more than likely neither does anyone else. People are simply visual oriented, grab their attention with a great photo, short description, and a link directly to your product page. (You would be amazed how many people send out tweets with fabulous products, but no way to buy them!) Photos should be clean, crisp, and should represent your product or services well.

The maximum image size for Twitter expanded is 1024×512 pixels, and 506×263 pixels collapsed. The maximum file size is 5MB for photos and gifs on mobile, and 15MB on web.

There is no right or wrong number of tweets, or times to send them, that you should be sending each day. Just keep in mind your followers. Tweeting the exact same thing all day, every day will get tedious and boring, mix it up!

Hashtags – This is where lots of people just seem to lose it. Some use way out of whack tags that have nothing to do with their business, and others simply don’t use any, plus everything in between! Many people follow hashtags (yes, you can do this) instead of specific accounts because this shows anything at all tweeted using that tag. If one is looking specifically for antiques, or opals, or paintings, or web design, for instance, they would see yours, and your competitors for comparison. Without hashtags, you will NOT show up in those feeds.

Using the hashtags that are suggested by Twitter will get you the most attention. To see these, simply start typing a hashtag (with symbol) in your tweet, Twitter has an autofill feature that will suggest some, use them if they apply.

Pin A Tweet – Many people don’t realize that they can ‘pin’ a tweet to the top of their profile page so that it is the first that people see when they look at your profile – this is also the twee that will get re-tweeted for you the most. This tweet should lead directly to your desired location (website, blog, whatever), and it should be updated regularly. How often is up to you, I change mine daily.

To do this, simply send the tweet you want to pin and then view it. On the upper right hand corner there is a little downward arrow that allows the option of pinning it to your profile. It’s just that easy!

Strategy –  Basically, Twitter is a ‘you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours’ type of place. You re-tweet others in the hopes that not only will your followers find the info useful, but also hoping that the original poster will then re-tweet your posts as well. This is how you get exposure. Following and re-tweeting the accounts that you find interesting, helpful, or useful to you and your followers is what helps you grow.

Get involved in conversations, comment on tweets, in essence, just engage people, and you will grow a following quickly.

Links to your other social media sites will also gain followers on those platforms as well!

Add new people that you follow every day – this will ensure your growth daily. Yes, you may also lose some as well, but you will see much more growth than loss if you choose accounts that have shared interests, goals, etc. just like you do on other social media.

If you would like to follow me on Twitter, click here CathysCraftyDesigns on Twitter

Feel free to DM me with any questions or help you may need!

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Image SEO – An infographic — Gaby Makes Things

A fantastic and informative blog about SEO and your Photos! I never thought about what I name my photos before, I just kind of went with something I could remember. Now, I know better!

Check out her blog! GabyMakesThings on WordPress

Here’s a quick guide for making the most of your SEO using your images! You can read a more full guide on my Image SEO post! Let me know what you do to image your image SEO by leaving me a comment or sending a message. You can also download this infographic here!

via Image SEO – An infographic — Gaby Makes Things

SEO Guide for Images
This is the perfect guide to enhance your SEO through your photos.

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Helping Other Online Sellers



Do you help other other onliners – as I call them? I’ve always been willing to help others in any way that I possibly could, even to the extent that it might put me out a bit, I don’t mind. Mom taught us that we all need help sometimes, and we should always do what we can for others.

Having been called upon several times in the last few years to help people get their Etsy shops open, or get more Twitter followers, or Pinterest Boards, or whatever the case, I’m always glad to help, and have made some really cool friends along the way, and discovered some really awesome shops!

Insomnia kept me up until the wee hours this morning, and I ended up in conversation with a super nice bead and jewelry maker from Ghana while I was on Twitter. He makes beautiful beads and jewelry and is in the process of setting up an Etsy shop.

I wish I had thought to seek advice about my shop prior to opening it, but, as usual, I just jumped right with both feet! I think it’s working out for me so far, but it would have made for an easier beginning!

He had lots of questions, and was very appreciative, and we messaged back and forth for some time. I told him about Sections, and what information is best in the description, and of course all about those horrible, haunting TAGS – UGH! – LOL.

Yes, and that feeling can be overwhelming. I have always felt a pull to help others in this situation.


Photos – Etsy allows for 10 photos – use at least half of them, use different angles, good natural light, white or solid background, at least one should show size.

Details – All of the little optional details in the listing that Etsy allows you to enter become things in the SEO that are searchable – use as many as you can! Try to fill in something on all of them.

Description – Make short, but good! Attention span of shoppers is usually short, snag them fast, and add more SEO search phrases, make these the longer ones that will not fit withing the length parameters of the actual Tags section.

Tags – I know, this one sucks. I get ideas from Google and other Etsy sellers. Try to use the most popular search words and short phrases that people will use to find or describe your items. The hardest part for most people.

Pricing – DON’T UNDER PRICE YOUR ITEMS! Customers want inexpensive, yes, but Etsy customers are kind of a different breed. They want quality handmade or vintage items. Or they are looking for inexpensive supplies to create their own works. Etsy customers are willing to pay for quality and originality. Don’t believe me? Google it! LOL Seriously, Google it – the average Etsy buyer is female, professional, and around 40 years old.

I know that lots of people out there put this information into some sort of cohesive format and sell it for big money $$$$, but that’s not my thing. I mean, sure, I could do that too, but I make jewelry! And I like it! And I’m too busy to organize all that info – I barely keep my jewelry components organized!

Do you dish out free help?

Is that the premise of your Blog?

If you happen to need a few pointers, or have specific questions concerning Etsy or Twitter, or whatever, get in touch and I will do my best!

I’m just starting out here on WordPress, and would greatly appreciate any free advice! What am I doing wrong? Am I doing anything right? Should I just throw in the towel on this blog?

Best chance for quicker response time if you comment on this post, or message me in Etsy, Facebook, or Twitter, my Email is just out of control right now.

Etsy – CathysCraftyDesigns on Etsy

Facebook – CathysCraftyDesigns on Facebook

Twitter – CathysCraftyDesigns on Twitter

I’m really hoping to hear from at least one person today. Just to prove that someone actually reads this crap I write. Please? I don’t want to beg here folks…..but I will…

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Jewelry Sets!

A jewelry set is two or more pieces that are meant to be worn together for a coordinated and/or complimentary look. Many people wear these matching or coordinated sets for special occasions such as weddings or other formal events. Others just like to match a couple of pieces. Personally, I’m such an ‘odd duck’ that sometimes I want to be all sophisticated and coordinated, others I want to be eclectic and flashy everywhere.

Currently, I have around 35 Jewelry Sets of varying types and materials available in my Etsy shop, one section set aside just for them, plus a few more in the Faux Pearls section, and even a beautiful green agate necklace and earrings set available in Vintage Necklaces.

To see them in my Etsy Shop – CathysCraftyDesigns Jewelry Sets

Here are a few of my favorites, I had quite a time deciding which to show here, I love so many!

I stopped at only 9 for simple space and not wanting to overloading you with too many. (Although I love to show off my work!)

Of course, if you happen to find a single piece in my shop that you like and want to match with another, I can usually do that (not easy on vintage items).

Please stop by and check them out, you never know what you may see for yourself, or a special loved one in your life! After all, everyone has a birthday!! 

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Bipolar, PTSD, and Daily Life with Etsy, Fashion, Jewelry

Fabulous and Eclectic New Jewelry!

Yesterday afternoon was super busy for me, finally! I finally had enough light, time, and energy for a photo shoot for my favorite new pieces! YAY!! This is, for me, the hardest part of the entire process. I can never seem to get enough light in the pictures, or get it from the right angle, or something. It’s a pure miracle that I manage to sell anything, I swear!

Here are the pieces already in my shop CathysCraftyDesigns on Etsy:

I am very excited to have so many new items to enter! I have a real back up of things that need photos, and hopefully I will get to them all next month. It’s my goal anyway, to get this all caught up and organized. God, and Bipolar, willing, I will get there!

Here are some of the items I hope to get entered today and this week. (OMG I actually used the ‘Random Order’ option for the photos – IT’S CHAOS!!! LOL not at all like me.)

As you can see, I have no real set style or design template that I stick to when I make jewelry. I simply look at my supplies, and make something that pleases me.

When I purchase supplies for my jewelry, they could come form anywhere, really. If I see something that interests me, or looks like it may interest me later on at some point (yup, hoarder trait!), I’ll stick it away in my ‘stuff’ boxes. Boy, are these starting to get bigger!

My ‘stuff’ boxes could contain anything from gemstone, freshwater pearl, glass, crystal, rhinestones, feathers, just about anything I find that looked pretty to me at some moment in time!

Well, I am off now to begin entering these fabulous new pieces into my Etsy Shop. Please stop by a couple of times today and check them out!

CathysCraftyDesigns on Etsy

Hope to see you there!

Have a Fabulous Day!

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Cathy’s Crafty Designs Vintage Earrings: Glitz and Glam!

Do you love earrings? I do. From the little studs that look so dainty, to the really fabulous blinged out rhinestone earrings when I want to feel truly special, and the really fun and funky pair that may not be found anywhere else. Well guess what? I have almost 100 pair of earrings in my Etsy shop!

One of the first things people will see of you is (hopefully) your face, and what jewelry frames your face? Why, earrings of course! These are some of the more serious and fancy earrings in my shop. For the really fun and funky earrings, you should check out the ones I made too!

Vintage Ear Swag!

For more details in my Etsy Shop, or to order, click here: Cathy’s Crafty Designs Vintage Earrings

While you’re there, check out the other Vintage Jewelry items I have!

Have a Fabulous Day!!

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