Tale Weaver/ Fairy Tale – #229 – Castle – June 27th. – Lord Castle

reflection of a castle surrounded with fogs

The door to the castle hissed closed behind her, enveloping her into the darkness and gloom. She waited for her eyes to adjust and pressed forward, knowing her quest was far more important than her fear of what she may discover.

She was in a large main hall, with twin staircases on either side of her that lead to a second floor full of secrets and dangerous past memories. On the floor was a large area rug with a time-worn family crest in faded red and purple with an odd symbol in the center of a circle of daggers. Candle sconces, with candles long since dripped to the floors, sat around the room like iron guards from a long lost era.

She disturbed the cobwebs and dust as she ascended the stairs, making the air heavy and musty smelling, harder and harder to breathe with each step. Still she pressed on, knowing that what she would uncover, what had been hidden by her family in this ruined castle for generations, may destroy her, or set her free, but she must find it or all was lost.

Once on the second floor, she was faced with a large hall with 13 heavy, dark red doors, each had a different symbol painted in black, all of which seemed vaguely familiar somehow, but she couldn’t quite grasp the memory. Just flashes of smiling faces, garish, and laughing too hard, looking down at her.

The only thing that she could think to do was to start trying doors. She found that the doors were either locked, or stuck tight. Until she came to seventh, and center door, which had a figure resembling a sideways eight – the symbol for Eternity, it occurred to her suddenly with absolute clarity.

This time, the handle gave, and the door pressed open, to reveal….

M.C. Wilson, June, 30, 2019

(My very first attempt at writing fiction! Too wordy? Not wordy enough? Comments please!)

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  1. Hi Cathy,
    Thanks for adding your thoughts to this prompt. I like how you set it up for another part? As readers we would like to know what happens next.
    You write well, please consider participating in each week’s prompt.

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