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If all of my messages and social media are correct, I AM A NEW MILLIONAIRE! That’s right folks, according to the following people I have won a total of $27 million and new Mercedes! LOL

Account deleted now – was on Instagram under a woman’s name. I was contacted by someone claiming to be from Publisher’s Clearing House – Woohoo! I won a drawing that I never entered!!! Wonder how that happened? $25 million and new Mercedes! Just pay a $60 delivery fee, and it would be delivered by 4:45 pm !

nancy_fisher_cute – Instagram – I got a message from someone that said he was the fighting promoter Floyd Mayweather! He called me ‘sweatheart’ and ‘baby girl’ – for real (as if the REAL man would do that)? Made my freaking skin crawl! He said he had $1 million for me! He said it was a drawing for his social media followers. I don’t follow him or nancy_fisher_cute. Hmmm…again, pay the fee for delivery. (As I write this, I just got a message from one of her followers – apparently she is also part of the Publisher’s Clearing House Scam! SMH

(707) 901-7982 – Skype – Then there were the direct text messages from a Skype account that said he was Mark Zuckerburg! (Holy Cow! Did I suddenly become an ‘A list-er” when I wasn’t looking? LOL) “Mr. Zuckerburg” said I had won another million dollars! He said that he got my number through his “co-workers” at Facebook. This scammer actually included stolen photos of Mr. Zuckerburg and edited them for his use, I wonder how the REAL Mark Zuckerburg would like that? The fee to get this ‘prize’ was a mere $150! All I had to do was get a Google Pay card and give them the number. Sure folks, I’ll jump right on it.

There has to be something that we can do to stop these people! Seriously people, the US has acted as an International Police Force for years all over the world, we have stopped and started major wars, we have toppled governments and flattened mountains, why can’t we stop these damn scumbags? This makes no sense to me, I know that we have the technology to stop them, why is it not used?

Maybe people are not reporting? Maybe they feel like they deserve to lose their money for falling for a scam? Perhaps they think, ‘Let the next guy report it.’ but the next doesn’t do it either. Who really knows?

As enjoyable as it can be to really get these scammers all hyped up and thinking that you are going to send them money and then stomp those hopes into the dirt, I rarely have time anymore. This is what they do to the people that believe them isn’t it? I’m just a little preview of what God/Karma has in store for them.

I actually get fire-breathing mad when I think about all of their victims, poor people with little in the world but hope for something better, and they prey on that. Like any predatory scumbag, they find your weakness and use it against you. Although I have never sent any of these people money, I know people that have, and others that would fall prey if they were exposed.

What Can You Do?

Many people just block them when contacted, and that works great. Some take the extra step of reporting them to the proper officials. I play head games with them to amuse myself, take up their time, and make them mad, then I make their profiles public, and then I report them. Yes, it takes a bit longer, but someone has to do something, LOL.

Here is a link to the U.S. Government Common Scams and Frauds page which has all of the information you need on the many types of scams being used and how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Another great page to look at is the U.S. Government Online Safety page, which has links to report Internet Crimes as well as the do’s and don’ts to protect your loved ones. This site includes a number to call, as well as a chat link to contact someone directly.

Please, please, be sure to go over this information with the young and the elderly, the two groups with the highest number of victims. Bookmark those pages on their computers and show them how to use them. If they feel ashamed to ask, they won’t have to. Do let them become victims and make some scumbag rich.

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