How to Automate and Pre-Schedule Your Social Media Posts

I have Affiliate links in the blog, however, Buffer is not one of them. I am simply one of their thousands of happy customers.

As an online seller of handmade and vintage jewelry, CathysCraftyDesigns on Etsy,  I longed for a way to automate my social media posts within a few weeks of opening up shop. It seemed like I was constantly on the computer trying to share my items and get noticed – and the progress was slow. I couldn’t be online all the time, right?

I would use up all of the high speed data on my monthly internet plan in the first week and a half, and end up in slooooow moootiiiiooon for the remaining three weeks. I spent quite a bit of time staring at my laptop waiting for it to catch up to me! LOL

Then, I found Buffer. I was finally set free! The umbilical cord tying me to my laptop had been severed!

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Who Is Buffer?

Buffer is a small company with huge impact for any large or small business professional who uses it. Big or small.

They have 82 teammates living and working in 15 Countries around the world with over 75,000 customers. Talk about a small company making it big!

Directly from their website: “Buffer is an intuitive, streamlined social media management platform trusted by brands, businesses, agencies, and individuals to help drive meaningful engagement and results on social media. We have a suite of products for publishing, engagement, analytics, and team collaboration.

At Buffer, we believe our core values – like positivity, transparency, and gratitude – help us build great software products, and they guide everything we do.”


What Does Buffer Have to Offer?

Publish, plan and collaborate your amazing content to several platforms at once.

Reply to social conversations from a shared team inbox.

Analyze social media performance and create fantastic charts.

How I Use Buffer

When I would like to share a social media post, or pre-schedule one, I simply hover my mouse over the intended photo to share and click “Buffer Image”. That will open a window in which to make your edits to each social media, and share immediately, or schedule it for a later time or date.

Once I have selected a Pinterest Board to post to, I can make the edits for each social outlet.  Here is where I customize things like hashtags, descriptions, and the general text that goes along with any post. Look at it this way: if someone follows you on all platforms, do you want to see the exact same thing at the same time on all of them? Mix up the descriptions, add different key points and change up hashtags, adding more or taking away some.

I currently have scheduled times for each of them, but haven’t used them in a while. I’ve let myself backslide a little since starting this blog, and it is showing in my numbers. Will definitely be getting back to it soon – it will be fantastic for my Affiliate Accounts!

I normally schedule these posts to be sent out sporadically over a 24 hour time frame, and then all I have to is respond to comments and maintain those social accounts in other ways, like actually being SOCIAL.

Gabriel & Co. fine jewelry

By doing this, I not only free up a ton of time by scheduling them ahead, but I also have posts going out while I’m doing other things, like cooking, sleeping, making jewelry, or just nothing at all. They still go out, I am still getting my items and blogs out into to world. How great is that? Personally I love it.

How Much Is It?

I know that you’re expecting to hear a dollar amount between, let’s $25-$100 a month, right? After all, that is some pretty darn valuable software to small business, right? Buffer doesn’t charge a fortune at all, in fact, you can use it FREE, for as long you want. Yup, free forever. Simply download the free version and get started!

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Not bad, right? I currently use the Pro plan, which is plenty for me and my small business for now, but hopefully someday I will be rolling well enough to need an upgrade. Boy will I shout to the moon then!

Hopefully you will find some good information here, I could really go on and on about much of an improvement in my numbers after I started using Buffer. I was finally getting seen and making sales, it felt great! And it keeps getting better!

Here’s to hoping that you found this helpful and will check it out for your own use. If you would like to read more in depth information about Buffer directly from them, find them here.

Have A Fabulous Day!

Keep Smiling!

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