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During the Summer of 1983, I was involved in a boating accident. I was in the water at the lake, about up to my chest, swimming, when I was run over by a passing boat coming in to dock.

A little different than the ‘average’ person’s accidents, but I have never really been ‘average’ when it comes to hurting myself. HaHa

To this day, I have ugly physical scars on my leg from the propeller. A big one directly under my right butt cheek, and a “smile” under my right kneecap, along with a dent from the prop guard in my shin muscle. None of this affected my time in the military thank goodness!

The day that it happened, the doctors, nurses, and my mom, were so concerned with the gaping holes in my leg, that no one even noticed the huge knot on my forehead from the bottom of the boat hitting and knocking me out. I found out some time later, that it pushed my head back so violently, it created some major issues in my neck.

It hurts. All the time, 24/7/365.

First thing in the morning, it hurts until I get it all stretched out after sleeping.

As I go about my day, it hurts more and more, slowly my shoulders draw up from muscle tightness until they feel like they are in my ears. Forget holding one position for more than a few short minutes at a time. Up until two weeks ago, I could no longer lift my arms even up to my shoulders for the pain it would cause. I have ultra long hair and this got really hard for me.

Usually by nightfall, I can barely hold my head upright anymore. I have had several ‘special pillows’, some of which were very expensive, more than 10 different neck massage machines, and a TENS unit.


There are two reason that I do not take pain pills:

1.  I like them too much, and I know it. Not worth the risk of addiction to me. I am simply not that person.

2.  I use THC as an additive to my other medications. I calms me, and enables me to eat when I am unable to for whatever reason. There are some things that the doctors, with all of their pills, have never been able to do. For those, it takes some help from God, and Mother Nature.

I finally got the Veterans Administration to take a closer look at my neck, after all, I had a new doctor and each one does things differently. After new x-rays, they have sent me to a chiropractor and physical torture (oh, sorry, I mean therapy).


Now, please understand, for the last 37 years, every physician I saw said that they could see nothing. One chiropractor 25 years ago saw the problem, but did little that actually helped it. He did manage to sell me $70 pillow though.

The next 25 years was basically spent in pain with no real relief, and no doctor that was even willing to admit a problem!

Then, through the VA, I got an appointment with Dr. Chad Young at Young Health, USA. I am now calling him “The Chiropractic God”.  He is a strapping U.S. Navy Veteran, and he knows his stuff!

He knew immediately what was wrong, AND what to do to fix it! He not only adjusts my neck and back for me, but then his amazing staff of very nice young ladies and women gives me a quick massage, a stretching exercise, and a massaging table and TENS unit. By the time I leave, I feel like a brand new woman! 45 minutes, and I am almost pain free. I am simply amazed at the progress already.

Dr. Chad Young, Young Health, USA – Thank You!!!

I’m currently only approved to see Dr. Young about 12 times total, so I have just three weeks left before the VA stops paying for them. I’m not sure that we can repair 37 years of damage in just 5 or 6 weeks total, but we’re giving our best shot!

Have a Fabulous Day!

Keep Smiling! They’re Contagious!

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4 thoughts on “Relief After 37 Years!

  1. I AM so happy you have found some relief after so long a time, Dear! I continue to hold you in my HEART, wishing you well. Sending the Sweetest of Blessings and very much Love. 💞

  2. Congrats on the relief and I want to thank you for your service. I am Proud to say Chad is a close friend of mine. He’s a great Chiropractor who takes pride in his work. Outside of work he’s an amazing father.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! He has really done wonders for my neck, I can move my head again! And his staff are the best!

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