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…and I miss her terribly!

My Little Pnut Pie

If you are at all familiar with my Blog, then you already know that I love animals. I especially adore my dogs of course.

My mother gave me Pnut in 2005, she had been born to her two dogs, Bert-Bert (short for Bertha – Miniature Pinscher) and Duke (a rat terrier), I call her a Rat Pinscher – LOL. She was special from the very beginning, she was a littler of one. A Prima Donna, Miss Priss, a tiny little 7lbs fully grown, her little black claws would tic, tic, tic, across the floor as she followed me around everywhere.

She was always in my lap or laying beside me as close as she could get, sleeping curled up against my chest. She would wake me with a gentle lick of the nose that quickly increase to frantic licking if I didn’t respond as she thought I should. It’s a sweet, loving way to start each day!

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When asked “where’s my kisses?” she would stand in my lap and smother my face with kisses and she would bow her head into my neck for hugs.

She did have a couple of not to good sides of her too. As most all little dogs do, she barked at everything, which would alert the bigger, animal-aggresive Pitbull, Big Bubba Bear. (aren’t we great with names? LOL) Well, Bear would check out what she was barking at and pretty much knew it was nothing. Everything went great for 6 years.

Then Pnut started to get old and a little more cranky, looking at her and Bear together was like looking at Godzilla with Might Mouse! She got to the point in her life where she could no longer handle being squished by him, so started to let him know it. She growled at Bear.

This Picture of Pnut and Bear was taken in 2015, when they got along just fine. At this time, Pnut was 11yrs old, and Bear was 5yrs old.

If you know anything at about Pitbull dogs, you know that for another animal to show any type of aggression towards it is an absolute no-no unless that animal is considered the ‘Pack Leader’, which of course, Pnut was not, I am. He did not take it well, I had to grab her and run from him for the first time ever!

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We separated them for a few months, hoping Bear would forget. He did not forget. He simply tried to get her before she could growl that time.

They have been separated now for 3 years. For 3 miserable years, Pnut has been locked up in bedroom, only coming out when she needed to or when I could get Bear outside for a bit – he is VERY lazy dog and doesn’t stay out long.

She has been miserable.

I have been miserable.

Of all of the people and animal lovers that I know, there are only two people on this planet that I would have trusted to take Pnut, and they are two of my sisters, Jackie and Alanna. Neither one of them could take her.

Yesterday morning, first thing, Jackie texted me to let me know that she and her husband had talked it over and they were willing to take Pnut! I was incredulous! I mean, really folks! My sister and her family have 4 dogs (now 5), 3 or 4 cats, and 14 chickens! Was she really saying that she would add another? For real? I asked if she was really sure and when she said yes, I quickly finished what I was doing, gave Pnut a good flea and tick bath, and promptly carried her over to see how it would go.

It went GREAT! She got along well with the other dogs after they all ‘got acquainted’ as dogs do. We went out into the yard, and she stayed where she was supposed to be, she took to everybody in the room, it was a true relief to my soul. My baby girl would have a much better life, and I can go see her whenever I want – like today! Maybe it won’t rain today and I can take a few pictures of them all together.

So, while I am heartbroken to be without my baby girl, I know that is much happier and safer there. Sure, we could have decided to keep her, and get rid of Bear, but to be honest, I wouldn’t trust anyone at all with him. His personality is just too quirky, he has issues you might say. I wouldn’t trust him with anyone else, after all, he was actually born in our living room. He’s never been anywhere else but camping and creek walking.

So for now, we are a one-dog house. I don’t like it. I am going to put some time into really trying to get a hold of this dog, and teach him to be more tolerating of other animals somehow. Anyone have any suggestions?

Have a Fabulous Day!

Keep Smiling! Make ’em Wonder!

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