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My blog is a bit late today. I awoke later than usual and had to go see my newest doc: The Chiropractic God. More about him later.

While out and about town, I had to exchange some change for paper and deposit it in order to cover a bill (ho hum). As I left the parking lot of the big box store where I had used the Coinstar to get the paper cash, a whopping $36 in change, I notice a gentleman holding a sign that said “Homeless Navy Veteran – Will work for food”.

Nearby was a little moped type scooter with probably everything he owned strapped to it in various locations with different colors and kinds of rope and string. He was in rags, had a few missing teeth, and was just baking in the sun miserably – it’s pretty darn hot in Kentucky in June.


As an Army Veteran myself, I felt for him. Deeply. I have been homeless and it’s scary, lonely, and miserable. Many would say that he probably makes a fortune begging and that he is probably not even a Vet.

Well, I swung my car to him, and gave him about half the money I had set aside for my lunch – thinking I can have the dreaded “fast food lunch” and take medicine for the unavoidable digestion issues later.

I went to the bank drive-thru, then to the McDonald’s drive-thru (why I put actual clothing on, sometimes I wonder), and was going to use my last $5 for lunch.

When I placed my order and went to the next window to pay, the lady said that the woman in the previous vehicle, a cute little silver Prius, had paid for my lunch!

At first I was surprised, then curious. I yelled “Thank You!” out my car window (all of them, and the sunroof, were open), and we waved to each other as she drove away never to be seen again. An Angel from God when I needed one. It meant that I could get cat food for the local strays as well.

Maybe I know her and didn’t recognize the car.

Maybe she saw me give money to the Veteran.

Maybe she is a relative of my husband that I didn’t recognize (he has a HUGE family).

Maybe she is simply a person that enjoys doing good in the world and today was my turn to be the receiver.

I may never know. I would like to tell her and her family “Thank You just for being You. God Bless You.” and to return the favor someday. The only way that will be possible is to “pass it forward” as the movie title says. And I absolutely am going to!

I think I am going to make something from the round circle on the bottom of the cup to hang in my car to remind of her, and her kindness, on my bad days when it can be easy to forget.

Have a Fabulous Day!

Keep Smiling! They’re Contagious!

9 thoughts on “Kindness Matters

    1. Exactly. This was very in-your-face immediate return. Never happened to me before. I will be smiling for some time. 😊

    2. Thank you so much for your comments. Sometimes I feel like I’m writing just for myself but I’m enjoying it.

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