(Another) Foolish Questions Friday!


After laughing my butt off all week long at last week’s Foolish Question(s) Friday, I had to do another. I mean really, the lady that thought she had another woman’s baby because it looked like her hubby? OMG!

There is simply an ENDLESS supply of this stuff, and who better to entertain us than, well, us?

This time I found a fantastic infographic that just about says it all:

Let’s do a quick review, shall we? Don’t worry, no quiz later.

Number 1 Questions asked – Am I pregnant? – Over 90,000 women each year expect Google to know if they are pregnant? Really? In my day we just asked our mothers.

Number 4 Question asked – Does farting burn calories? – Almost 50,000 people want to know! This would bring a whole new meaning to ‘feel the burn’ wouldn’t it?

Number 5 Question asked – When will I die? – So, Google is psychic now? Cool! What are the next lottery numbers? (I actually have a whole stockpile of really witty things to say to these people that want to know when they will die, but they are very sarcastic, LOL)

I could go on and examine each silly question, but you get my meaning here. Why on Earth ANYONE would want to ask Google if their bum looks 40 is totally beyond me. Last time I checked, if you do Google it, you will find a lovely woman who has capitalized on this question quite nicely! Here is a link to her Blog – Does My Bum Look 40?

I hope you find this weeks Foolish Question Friday entertaining and please, feel free to let me know if you find more of these! I love a good guffaw! (I just Googled ‘am I a psycho’ and got over 8 million results! holy crow!)

Have A Fabulous Friday!

Keep Smiling! They’re Contagious!

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