How To Handle An Online Pervert


If you have an online profile or presence anywhere at all, you have probably been the target of one of these perverted pieces of human scum. You know the type, they start by saying something like this,

“Hello Dear, I was just looking for an old friend and found you instead. How are you beautiful/handsome/sexy?” – fill in whatever adjectives you want, they use them all.

As soon as you ask who they are, or what they want, they are asking for pictures and telling you how wonderful you are. These scumbags NEVER STOP. Even after telling them to go away, they will continue to intrude and make you feel just plain gross.

The easy answer, of course, is to simply block them, right? Yes, but then you are loosing him onto the next unsuspecting victim with NO REPERCUSSIONS for intruding on your life and privacy and for making your very SKIN CRAWL.

I do not believe in this at all. The scumbag learns nothing, and simply thinks he/she is perfectly allowed to do this to people and no one will do anything. This is how they get to the people that fall prey to them. They make their way through as many women as they have to until they find one that will fall for their bull$&it. And they always find one.


You don’t have to just let them skate through life on their way to the next victim! STOP THEM! Or at least make them think a little harder next time. How, you ask? When Police and officials can’t do anything, what can I do? Read on my dear friend…

I BLAST THEM PUBLICLY! That’s right – I have almost 13,000 Twitter followers all over the world, this is not huge, but it’s also not small. I only have a little over a thousand on Instagram, but I do it there too. I’m not picky.

I am positive that you have many more followers than I do, and together this is not an impossible feat. We can put these people on notice that we will no longer tolerate this nonsense. It is just a matter of publicly shaming them into a corner that they can’t get out of until they get help.

The Internet has banded together in the name of so many things, why have we not stopped these disgusting predators yet?

Just Tuesday evening, my husband and I were enjoying a quiet dinner and a movie at home, when my phone went off. A noise I was unfamiliar with – WhatsApp – didn’t even know I had it on my phone. It was some guy that got my number from Instagram – A BUSINESS account that I feel should have my actual number. He wanted to chat, and of course he wanted nude pics. DUDE! I am almost 49 years old – I don’t even want to see me nude! When I told him that I am happily married, he tried to CALL ME!!! WTF did he not understand?

I informed him, by message again, that I am happily married and would not be answering a call from another man. He said ok and went away.

So I thought, he was back the very next morning.  I back-tracked the number he called from to a landline in Chula Vista, California (he had said that he was in Spain – BAHAHAHA) and told him to leave me alone. He persisted.

I got mad, I mean really mad. This guy had some freaking nerve! What if I were just a young girl and fell prey to this kind of a$$hole? I started to have a couple of flashbacks, when I decided to teach him a little something about the Internet and pissed off women.

I blasted his actual number, and location, to 13,000 Twitter followers, and his picture (that he sent me, unasked for!) and number to my Instagram followers.

Then I messaged him what I had done, and told him to have a nice day!

Why, YES, I am a bitch, Thank you so much! LOL

We can ALL do this to these creepy perverts and maybe, just maybe, save one child from one predator. That alone would make it worth it, wouldn’t it?

Have A Fabulous Day!

Keep Smiling! They’re Contagious!


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