Are You Ready for a Disaster?


With all of the natural disasters and major civil unrest all over the world, the ‘Prepping’ craze has really taken over life for many people all over the world. So, what is it?

Prepping is simply being prepared for anything. It’s really that simple. If the world blew it’s gasket today, do you have a safe place to go and enough supplies (food, water, & ammunition) to last you and your family for at least 3-6 months? If not, you are not prepared. You can save you and your families lives in a major upheaval of the norm as the rest of the world goes to hell in a hand basket.

Of course, all Preppers know to stockpile food, water, and ammunition, but what about the other items that we sometimes forget about? Things like toilet paper, for instance – definitely don’t want to forget THAT!


Here’s a few other items to remember:

Tools – A multi tool can be easy to carry and quite functional if you cannot manage a full toolbox on the go, but a hammer and adjustable wrench is still needed for some things. Other tools are an axe or hatchet, a chainsaw if possible, a machete, and really good hunting/filet knife.

Pain Medication – NO, not prescription drugs!! Things like aspirin, ibuprofen, lidocaine, topical cremes and such for cuts, scrapes, burns…

COMPLETE First Aid Kit – Complete means just that, everything.  Anti-everything creams (anti-itch, anti-burn, anti-biotic, etc.). Bandages, Vaseline, Aloe Vera. I highly recommend a bag balm type of medicine, primarily used on cattle and horses in the Winter, that can do amazing thing for any type of wound from scratches and bug bites to burns.

Baking Soda – Yup, plain old baking soda. Why? Tons of reasons! Kill slugs, brush your teeth, put out fires (without using water), cleaning laundry, etc. For more uses see here Preppers Uses for Baking Soda.

Unscented Bleach – Do I need to explain why bleach would be good? OK, clean everything!!! There are many uses, and warnings, associated with bleach – see here Prepping with Bleach

Bic Lighters – Yup – lighters. LOTS of them! (I recommend Bic specifically because I’ve never had one fail me unless empty) Have you ever tried rubbing two sticks together to start a fire? I have. Not even a tiny lick of smoke before I got blisters. F that! Or, can you identify which exact rocks will spark? I can, and STILL can’t start a fire that way! Get a Bic! Hell, get stock in Bic!!

Buckets & Lids – Food Grade and not. The blue buckets at many home goods stores are NOT food grade. Be sure they seal tightly to keep food and water fresh and transportable. Non food grade buckets can be used for a multitude of other purposes.

Can Openers – Another ‘Duh!’ moment that can be avoided, NON-ELECTRIC openers only!! This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Charcoal & Lighter Fluid – Firewood may not always be readily available for cooking, and tends to give off much more smoke – alerting others of your presence. Store in those blue lidded buckets to keep dry.

Cotton Balls & Ear Swabs – For many uses, including application of first aid creams, cleaning weapons, soak in peppermint oil to deter pests, and for fuel tinder.

Duct Tape – The Redneck’s Mr. Fix It!! I joke, but we must have about 5 rolls, in three colors, throughout the house and hubby’s shed. LOL Fixed our tent with it when a hot coal popped up and went through the roof! If you own Duct Tape, you know all of it’s amazing uses, if not, just get some, you’ll find a use for it.

Cable Ties – Cable ties can be found in many lengths and sizes for a multitude of uses. Attach anything to anything! They have been used as organizers, handles, hair ties (yup), tourniquets, strapping things to trees or posts, marking trails, etc….

Super Glue – Again, this one explains itself, really. Many things will break or wear out and this another way to repair or make items last a bit longer. Mix it with baking soda and make a filler, use it to close a small wound (this works well, but it does sting, which is why I say a ‘small’ wound). My mother was doing this back in the 1980’s with me – I am still pretty clumsy and accident prone!

Freezer Bags – Stronger than regular plastic bags and will last longer. Perfect for keeping food dry and fresh in portion sized bags, and for keeping anything that needs to be dry, dry. Remember those lighters?

Hand Sanitizer – Again, self explanatory. Most important when preparing food or eating, or administering first aid.

Paper Plates, Cups, Bowls – If you are in a stationary location, and not traveling, these are ideal to minimize the amount of cleaning involved, which saves water, as well as providing fuel for a fire and always clean dishes.

Plastic Cups & Utensils – Same reason as above.

Rope or Paracord – Too many uses to list. Lashings, climbing, tent-making, clothes lines, hammocks, fishing nets, your imagination is your only limit.

Toilet Paper & Paper Towels – An absolute necessity! Unless of course, you LIKE the feel of leaves and corncobs – LOL.

Other Items NOT to be Forgotten – Dish soap and gloves, Camp Suds, tooth brushes and tooth paste, a compass, nuts, bolts, screws, sewing supplies, writing paper and pen or pencil, a pencil sharpener, alcoholic drinks, tobacco, diapers if you need them.

This is really a very short, general list of items to have on hand in an emergency, your family will have many other items more specific to your needs that should be included or left out. For instance, we have to make sure to have plenty of dog food and treats on hand for our babies – don’t forget them!!

Have a Fabulous Day!

Keep Smiling! They’re Contagious!!

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