Thrift Stores Can Save You Hundreds Each Year!


I don’t know about you, but I hate to pay full price for items that I know I can find for less elsewhere. Just about the only things I will buy new anymore  household items such as cleaning tools and such, under clothes, and cosmetics. As far as I’m concerned, everything else is fair game.

We have several thrift stores within driving distance that I love to go to regularly just to see what they have. I usually go in the name of antique shopping, but always find something for myself, my husband, or someone else.

I was recently complimented on a lovely crochet top that I had on at a doctor’s office and the lady asked me where I had purchased it. When I told her that I had gotten it at a thrift store, she looked at me as if I had just told her I had some really serious communicable disease, and she was going to catch it! What a SNOB!!

Years ago, I would have been deeply hurt by her reaction, and I never would have told anyone about thrifting again. However, I am a stronger person today, more sure of my place in this world. I actually felt sorry for her and her husband. The money that was spent on her outfit for that day would have clothed me for year! This older woman was dressed up and bedazzled with all sorts of jewelry, all of which probably cost a fortune, while her husband was in his jeans and chambray shirt. LOL

The money that you can save each year buying in thrift stores adds up to hundreds, and even thousands for some.

Here a few of the ways I save every year:

Clothing: If you have children, you know very well how quickly they can grow out of something before really getting much wear from it. Thrift stores have some fantastic bargains on children’s items! All you have to do is look to make sure there is no damage or staining. (In my opinion, infant clothing should always be cleaned AND disinfected prior to use just to be 100% sure.)

Teen clothing too! If you have a large town or city nearby, or towns with a university in or nearby are excellent sources of some serious bargains for teen clothing and shoes. Many of the students donate their clothing after very little wear just to keep from packing and moving them when they finish school.

Prom and Homecoming style dresses are constantly being donated after those dances, and after weddings as well. How many women actually get to wear or sell their bridesmaids gown? I was in a wedding 23 years ago and never did use that dress again. Finally donated 5 years ago.

For me, I wear an odd size to find in retail stores, and if they do have it, it’s usually something really girlie and too young looking for a 49 year old woman. I also have a sense of style that is not always easily found anymore. I like broomstick skirts and long flowing sleeves, usually in some solid color. Jeans are tough, I have no butt, but I do still wear them often. 2 for $5 at the thrift store – name brand!!


Household Items: Anything from drapes to silverware and dishes can usually be found in thrift stores. I had a footstool that needed to be re-covered, so I found a fabulous pair of heavy drapes and used them to make it look new again, and it matches my decor! Cost $5 and some industrial staples. “Can’t beat that with a stick.” as my husband says.

My dogs are all the time destroying their blankets, guess where they come from? You got it! Why pay $20+ for a new blanket every couple of months for the dog when he is going to have it full of holes soon? $3.50 at the local thrift store, and he’s happy as a clam for another 3 or 4 months.

Like knick-knacks? Well any thrift store would be heaven! A multitude of various types of items can be found to decorate your  home in any manner you wish! Framed art, empty frames, wall hangings, tabletop items, vases, baskets, you name it! You just never know what you will find!

Having a party? Thrift stores are great places to find anything from actual party supplies and decorations, to fantastic serving trays and utensils. I have found gift bags, streamers, balloons, party plates and napkins, even gift bags and greeting cards!

Craft Supplies: Many people start a craft and decide not to continue for whatever reason. Some just clean out the kids’ closet when they leave for school. LOL The number of various items that can be found for crafting and refurbishing is amazing!  You just have to go and let your imagination run wild on this one!

Furniture: Fabulous and interesting furniture can be found at many thrift stores as well. Couches, love seats, tables, lamps, entertainment centers, buffets, desks, cribs, bed frames, I have literally seen every stick of furniture you would need to fill an entire house in one store. Even sinks!

I have also found things like exercise equipment, medical equipment, tools, antiques, and some very lovely people working the stores that are simply the BEST!!

If you haven’t been to your local thrift stores yet, give them a chance, you might be surprised at what you can save!!

Have a Fabulous Day!!

Keep Smiling! They’re Contagious!

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