How Not To Let Others Ruin Your Day

Misspelling aside, this is good advice, although it’s not always easy to do. It can be pretty tough, when you are in a good mood, just be-bopping along, when some jerk decides to upset the apple cart of your day.

How do we keep people from bringing us down and ruining our day? These people can be difficult to avoid when they are a part of your daily life, such as a boss, coworker, friend, or family member. However, there are many ways to keep your day on track and keep your good vibes going.

Here are 6 fantastic ways to cope paraphrased from a Huffington Post Article: How To Stop A Bad Moment From Ruining Your Day

6 Ways To Keep People From Ruining Your Day

  1. Observe your Emotions. Examine how you feel, and acknowledge it. If necessary, look at your emotions and ask “Why do I feel this way?” Acknowledging and examining your emotions in an observatory way can help to manage them without allowing them to take over your thoughts completely.
  2. Remind yourself that you may be interpreting the situation incorrectly. According to the article, “…everyone has a tendency to distort neutral situations into negative experiences.” I can certainly say that I tend to do this. They use an example of your boss taking you off a major project, and, instead of asking why, you just assume it’s because you aren’t good enough. Asking yourself what other scenarios are possible can help see things from different points of views, as well as realizing that we tend to do this and developing ways to re-train your thought patterns.
  3. Concentrate on the facts. It can help to write down on a piece of paper (pro & con style – 2 columns) the facts you know, versus the worries, assumptions and fears you have. Then go back and concentrate on the facts. This can help you to see things more logically.
  4. Create a positivity practice. Get more control over your though process. Easier said than done, but we can retrain our brains to think positively! The article suggests that each night we write down three things that well during our day and why we think they went well. In this way, we can retrain our brain to think more positively everyday. The article calls it “learned optimism.”
  5. Get out of your head. Basically, this means to just keep busy and distract yourself from thinking negatively. Do things you enjoy doing, get creative, exercise, socialize, read a book, anything to shift your focus to something positive.  I use this one the most often I think, making jewelry, playing with the dogs, gardening…
  6. Finally, check in with yourself. Everyone has negative thoughts and feelings at times, but it’s important to be sure that you are not dealing with a much larger issue. If your negative thoughts are causing severe interpersonal relationship issues, you may want to seek out a mental health professional.

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Here’s hoping that you have a Fabulous Day!!

Keep Smiling! They’re Contagious!

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