New Jewelry Items & A Coupon!


Through all of the added stresses lately, my jewelry business has kept me from becoming too preoccupied with the things I cannot change, and to instead concentrate on the things that I love to do.

Yesterday afternoon I took 154 pictures of some new jewelry, a couple of purses I am selling on Ebay, and a fantastic vintage pitcher and glasses set for the shop. It was such fun! I’m actually starting to enjoy this part that I used to hate, not that my pictures are any better, I just like to look at the pretty sparkly things! LOL

Here are the items already in my Etsy shop here CathysCraftyDesigns on Etsy

Here’s the link to my shop again –CathysCraftyDesigns on Etsy – The coupon code SAVENOW can save you 20% even on new items!

I will be adding the rest of the items throughout the next week, so I will keep you all updated!

I am also auctioning a Michael Kors purse for my niece on Ebay. She needs to pay for a school calculator that accidentally got broken. In my day, I had to pay for a ton of unreturned library books. The calculator is a lot more expensive!

Michael Kors Purse on Ebay

Have A Fabulous Day!!

Keep Smiling They’re Contagious!

(if you can’t smile, get dark sunglasses and hide your scowl! LOL)

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