108 Years of Service and Supplies to U.S. Artists from a Small Business


I can remember shopping for art supplies at a not-very-close Dick Blick Art Materials store with my best friend years ago back in college. There are approximately 65 such physical stores throughout the country, and you can order online at Blick Art Materials Online (of course).

My friend and I used to love browsing the store and picking out just the right shades of pencils and sketch pads in my case, and paints and canvas in hers. We would dream of being professional artists someday. It was a small but tightly packed store where the very smell of creativity seemed wrap around around you like a blanket. A place where the employees, who were artists themselves, were always friendly and knew their stuff. To us, it was Heavenly.

According to Wikipedia, “Blick Art Materials is a family-owned retail and catalog business that supplies professional and amateur artists, students, scholastic art programs, and to anyone else who requires art supplies for business or pleasure.”

In 1911, Dick Blick and his wife, Grace, worked from their kitchen to start the company with their first mail order product. It was called the Payzant Pen. 108 years later, Blick Art Materials offers over 90.000 products for artists and students. THAT is a small business success story!

The Payzant Pen created by Dick Blick and his wife in 1911.

Here is just a small list (with affiliate links) of some of the sections to browse when shopping with Blick :

Fabulous Crafts:






Plus many other supplies you’ll love!

Hopefully you will find these links useful and if you choose to get supplies from Blick, I know that you will be very pleased with the quality.

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