A Bulldog’s Best Friend

I’m an Affiliate of Best Bully Sticks!! Which makes perfect sense since we have a huge ‘bully’ named Bear. Not to leave my little dog, Pnut, out, they have thin sticks too.  I am so very excited I can hardly contain myself.  LOL  Afterall, they sell Bear’s favorite chew toy and the only one to last more than 2 minutes!

Do you have a dog that chews up absolutely everything you give him (and some things you don’t!) in what seems like mere seconds? We do!

Before finding the deer antler, Bear destroyed so many things, that it would take a book to tell you about them all! Softback maybe, but still a book.  He has cost us a small fortune in CD’s, magazines, books, shoes (over 100 pair!), clothes, and furniture! Before you ask, YES hes IS worth every penny!

He would get terrible separation anxiety anytime we would leave the house and simply destroy anything he could. We did several things for him that helped, but one of the most important, I feel, was to give him an outlet for his anxiety, something to chew on that would last!

One day, years ago now, my husband came home from the woods with a deer antler that didn’t really fit into his collection (yes we are country people with country people collections – LOL), but he brought it home anyway. It didn’t fit in because it was only one antler and he prefers there to be two well-formed antlers still attached to a skull.

Anyway, he gave it to Bear, just to see if he would want it. We already knew that it wouldn’t hurt him, or make him sick or anything as we had friends whose dogs loved them. To say that he was excited would be an understatement.

He did not move from that spot for around 45 minutes. He sat and chewed, and chewed, and chewed some more! And the antler was still in one piece! That’s right, he kept that first antler for quite some time. Months even! They do slowly wear down, and you may have to pick some little pieces if they do get chunks, but that will take weeks, and possibly months!

We now make certain that we are NEVER without at least one antler for Bear to chew on during those moments that he feels anxious, or playful. He and my husband have game with them that involves hiding them. The crazy dog gets excited to play for a minute, but then doesn’t want to share it anymore and moves across the room with it! LOL

We did not start out by purchasing our first antler, but we don’t want our dogs to be without one anymore, and neither will you if you try them!

Here are my affiliate links, if you wouldn’t mind using these, I would be eternally grateful!

Large Elk Antler
     Medium Elk Antler    Extra Large Elk Antler

No animals are harmed in the procurement of these antlers, they are natural sheds, and great source of calcium, glucosamine, and chondrontin. No odor and virtually no mess!

If you already have these treats, or purchase some here (please!), please let me know how YOUR dogs like them! Pictures would be really fantastic too!

Have A Fabulous Day!

Keep Smiling! They’re Contagious!!

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    1. LOL, Oh yes, Bear not only destroyed the couch, he dragged it clear across the room and had all the cushions and stuffing all over the yard! It looked like snow in July! LOL Thank goodness these work!

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