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Do you help other other onliners – as I call them? I’ve always been willing to help others in any way that I possibly could, even to the extent that it might put me out a bit, I don’t mind. Mom taught us that we all need help sometimes, and we should always do what we can for others.

Having been called upon several times in the last few years to help people get their Etsy shops open, or get more Twitter followers, or Pinterest Boards, or whatever the case, I’m always glad to help, and have made some really cool friends along the way, and discovered some really awesome shops!

Insomnia kept me up until the wee hours this morning, and I ended up in conversation with a super nice bead and jewelry maker from Ghana while I was on Twitter. He makes beautiful beads and jewelry and is in the process of setting up an Etsy shop.

I wish I had thought to seek advice about my shop prior to opening it, but, as usual, I just jumped right with both feet! I think it’s working out for me so far, but it would have made for an easier beginning!

He had lots of questions, and was very appreciative, and we messaged back and forth for some time. I told him about Sections, and what information is best in the description, and of course all about those horrible, haunting TAGS – UGH! – LOL.

Yes, and that feeling can be overwhelming. I have always felt a pull to help others in this situation.


Photos – Etsy allows for 10 photos – use at least half of them, use different angles, good natural light, white or solid background, at least one should show size.

Details – All of the little optional details in the listing that Etsy allows you to enter become things in the SEO that are searchable – use as many as you can! Try to fill in something on all of them.

Description – Make short, but good! Attention span of shoppers is usually short, snag them fast, and add more SEO search phrases, make these the longer ones that will not fit withing the length parameters of the actual Tags section.

Tags – I know, this one sucks. I get ideas from Google and other Etsy sellers. Try to use the most popular search words and short phrases that people will use to find or describe your items. The hardest part for most people.

Pricing – DON’T UNDER PRICE YOUR ITEMS! Customers want inexpensive, yes, but Etsy customers are kind of a different breed. They want quality handmade or vintage items. Or they are looking for inexpensive supplies to create their own works. Etsy customers are willing to pay for quality and originality. Don’t believe me? Google it! LOL Seriously, Google it – the average Etsy buyer is female, professional, and around 40 years old.

I know that lots of people out there put this information into some sort of cohesive format and sell it for big money $$$$, but that’s not my thing. I mean, sure, I could do that too, but I make jewelry! And I like it! And I’m too busy to organize all that info – I barely keep my jewelry components organized!

Do you dish out free help?

Is that the premise of your Blog?

If you happen to need a few pointers, or have specific questions concerning Etsy or Twitter, or whatever, get in touch and I will do my best!

I’m just starting out here on WordPress, and would greatly appreciate any free advice! What am I doing wrong? Am I doing anything right? Should I just throw in the towel on this blog?

Best chance for quicker response time if you comment on this post, or message me in Etsy, Facebook, or Twitter, my Email is just out of control right now.

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I’m really hoping to hear from at least one person today. Just to prove that someone actually reads this crap I write. Please? I don’t want to beg here folks…..but I will…

Have A Fabulous Day!!

Don’t Forget To Smile!! They’re Contagious!!

4 thoughts on “Helping Other Online Sellers

    1. eh, those are just the main ones! There’s a million! The link back in each listing a huge one too, I should have included that.

  1. I think it’s great that you’re helping out other sellers. That’s the whole reason that I started up my blog – in the end I closed one of my Etsy shops because I’d rather spend the time writing instead.

    It can take a bit of time to get going with blogging. But you’re doing great! It’s all about putting out regular and consistent content. I’m happy to help though, I’ve been using WordPress on and off for the last few years on a heap of different sites.

    1. I feel like it’s my duty to help others, and I enjoy it. I just found your blog today and can’t wait to read more.

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