Cathy’s Crafty Designs Vintage Earrings: Glitz and Glam!

Do you love earrings? I do. From the little studs that look so dainty, to the really fabulous blinged out rhinestone earrings when I want to feel truly special, and the really fun and funky pair that may not be found anywhere else. Well guess what? I have almost 100 pair of earrings in my Etsy shop!

One of the first things people will see of you is (hopefully) your face, and what jewelry frames your face? Why, earrings of course! These are some of the more serious and fancy earrings in my shop. For the really fun and funky earrings, you should check out the ones I made too!

Vintage Ear Swag!

For more details in my Etsy Shop, or to order, click here: Cathy’s Crafty Designs Vintage Earrings

While you’re there, check out the other Vintage Jewelry items I have!

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