Crystal Dangles

After researching the upcoming jewelry trends, I discovered that crystal drops and dangles of all kinds are all over the runways! WooHoo! Yay! This thrills me to no end because I just LOVE to make the adorable little things, I just don’t always know what to do with them then.

I am so excited that these adorable sparkly dangles are in style and trendy again, that I immediately set to work making more and incorporating some that I had already made in to some beautiful and stunning pieces of Special Occasion and Everyday jewelry. These items I listed in the Shop this morning:

Here are a few of the items unlisted yet – I will be entering these in the next couple of days, but if you’d like to get them before they go in the shop, just shoot me a message! I accept most any forms of payment available today.

I have several more pieces, with and without dangles just waiting for me to take photos and even more waiting for me to finish attaching everything! So, if you are looking for a specific color, style, or option to match that perfect wedding, prom, or homecoming dress, just let me know and we will work together to put together something hand made and custom designed pieces just for you on your special day or evening.

I can also do these styles and types of items in rhinestones, gemstones, pearls, shells, acrylic, wood: if you want it, I WILL find it and it get it for you (some special orders require prepayment for supplies only if not already on hand).

Etsy Shop Link for Items in shop already: CathysCraftyDesigns on Etsy

Contact Me Here for Items not listed or Custom Orders: Contact Form


Have a Wonderful, and Wonder-Filled Day!

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    1. Thank you! I’ve been making so many in different colors that my hands are currently cramped and I’m still loving doing it.

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