A Drive on One Back Road

A simple country field that we saw shortly after turning onto the road.  Every Spring in the country, daffodils pop up in some of the oddest places!

My sister and I went for nice, long drive in the country yesterday during which I stopped to take a few pictures.  I’ve always loved photographic art and have wanted to take classes but I never have.  All I used was my phone (it’s a Samsung S7 Active), and the filters it provides – I haven’t even downloaded any different ones! I’ve left a bit of a “riddle” I guess you could say at the end with two pictures. The situation depicted has baffled some of the locals in the area for years. Perhaps you can answer it.

An Abandoned Barn

Not as dilapidated as some, this old stock barn brought to mind what society tends to do to the members of our society that are not as useful as others. It ignores and abandons them.

We came upon this beautiful barn that has obviously seen more useful days. Thinking that it must be in rougher shape than I thought since it was abandoned, I went inside hoping to get some photos looking up into a ceiling full of holes……only to be quite surprised by the solid wood structure I stood in. I didn’t take a picture looking up because the second floor is actually still there! I didn’t venture up there, my sister was waiting patiently for me to finish my picture taking, or I certainly would have! Here are some pictures of the barn and its contents.

The second floor opening where they would load and toss out the hay and feed bales to the animals.
A view from just inside one door and looking straight through the other into the woods behind the barn. Looks like “The Light at The End of The Tunnel” to me.
Each stall of this barn has a window, which makes this the barn with the most windows I’ve ever seen! 

You just never know what you might find in an old barn in the country. This one didn’t have much in it at all. A few critters scurried about when I walked in, but they were too fast and hidden for a photo. Maybe one day I will sit quietly in a corner for a few hours until they come out…..I would most certainly do that for a good picture or two!

One of the feed troughs in the stalls. As low as it is on the wall, I am thinking this was for a small group of cows? It’s too tall for pigs, and too low for horses. I think.

Directly across the road from this barn, was a little shed hiding in the trees:

The Riddle

OK, here’s the riddle. We happened upon this tobacco barn in the middle of this open field. For those that don’t know, this is where tobacco leaves are hung up and smoked. It’s a wonderfully sweet and pleasing smell in the country air that most have come to love. Unless of course you work in it – that is a different story!

Notice anything strange? This old barn has a brand new mailbox. See a house? Anything that looks like one might have EVER been there? 

A view across the road from the barn so that you can see that there really is NO HOME to receive this mail.

Across the road, and STILL NO HOME.

A couple of interesting close-ups.

After speaking to my brother-in-law, who has lived in this area his entire life, I was told that this barn has always had a mailbox. But, why? No one seems to know. I suppose the folks that own the land know, but finding them and simply asking would take all of the fun out of it wouldn’t it?

If it’s mail for the farm, why wouldn’t it go directly to the people?

If it’s personal, why at the barn?

For that matter, why at the barn period? No matter what kind or who’s mail it is, WHY AT THAT BARN in the middle of BFKentucky?

I just don’t get it. But I’m the ‘crazy’ one? Um, YEAH. LOL

Have a wonderful, and wonder-filled day today!

Don’t forget to smile! They’re contagious!?

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