Mama’s Homemade Noodles

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, my mother was an amazing cook when I was young.  We had a ‘blended’ household for a while that included mom and dad, and 8, yes eight, kids for her to attempt to feed on pretty tight budget.  She got pretty good at some really great food.  Some of the meats that we ate a lot of were chicken, ground beef, and inexpensive beef roasts that could be used various ways.  We also ate quite a bit of wild game, my step-father, George E. Williams (deceased) was a great hunter and fisherman, and our family had always been into the camping and fishing and eating what we caught. My step-father had even been to Butcher School and knew EXACTLY what he was doing with a good sharp knife – with surgeon-like precision! We didn’t eat fish from others without him going over it thoroughly because we didn’t trust their fillet abilities as much as his.

One of our whole family’s favorites of mom’s was her homemade noodles. We had a very tiny kitchen, so she would roll them out on some wax paper on top of the dryer. I can still see them sitting there, and the good feelings that come with those memories are wonderful! When it came time to dry them, she would run a load of laundry through the dryer (LOL), and it would speed it up by at least half! This doesn’t work on my dryer because the top doesn’t get warm like the old ones did – oh well, just have to wait or do it in low oven now. Times do change! LOL

The Recipe

1 egg and half teaspoon salt per person to be served

All-purpose flour


Combine eggs and salt in bowl and whisk lightly to break up yolks and scramble.  Begin adding flour SLOWLY, a little at a time, until you have a good stiff dough.  Knead the dough and place on a lightly floured surface (board, wax paper, your choice of what’s easiest for you – I do it on my counter-top).

Roll the dough out until it is the thickness you want.  Again, this is strictly your choice. Thicker noodles are great for stews and thinner noodles are better for things such as lasagna, ravioli, tortellini, or other Italian pastas. After rolling it out, cover with a towel for 20 minutes to ‘settle’.


Cut dough into desired shapes. This can be anything you like. Our kids are grown, and it being just us, I simply make a jelly roll, and slice it, making long straight noodles.

Lay out flat or shaped to dry. When dry, they are ready to cook, or store for later use, so make extra!! Dried pasta, when stored properly, can last a VERY long time. Have it whenever you want by making it ahead and storing in a cool dry place.

When ready to eat, simply cook until tender (around 20-30 minutes depending on thickness).


Let me tell you, these noodles, unless you are a perfectionist during the roll-out process, are going to be ‘ugly’.  They are not going to look, or taste, like a store bought noodle. They are very similar to a dumpling, so feel free to add seasonings to the flour to accentuate the dish it is to accompany if making a small batch. You can substitute different types of flour, but I can’t tell you which will work and which won’t because I’ve always just used plain old white all-purpose flour.


A picture as they are cooking in a deep skillet with some meat (in this case venison) and potatoes. I haven’t added the veggies yet, they will take less time to cook. The stock will thicken and the noodles will lighten in color some.

*Read your box of dried noodles at home. (mine says they were made in a facility that MAY use eggs) Do you know what all those ingredients are? I don’t. Maybe I am just out of date, but I know exactly what is in these noodles.

You could take it even a step further and locally source your eggs and flour and add to your local economy and support Small Businesses! What a wonderful way to meet other like-minded people that share your food concerns!

Please get in touch with me if you try these! Let me know what your experience is and how it went!

Until tomorrow, have a wonderful day!!

Don’t forget to smile! They’re contagious!! ?


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  1. I always lover our mom’s cooking. And you are right those noodles are the best. Haven’t had them in years. Love the story, brought tears to my eyes, and thoughts of memories. Love you

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