Old Fashioned Hocks and Beans

Growing up, I remember my mother was an amazing cook. She would cook a complete meal for us every night, no matter what else was going on.  She would make meat, potatoes, and a vegetable almost every night. I remember well the day that she got a new crock-pot, she was so thrilled. She couldn’t wait to try it out. The meals that she made in the crock-pot were not only really tasty, they were healthy and time saving as well.

One of my favorite things that she would make when I was young was Beans and Ham. I have since adapted this recipe a bit and used a ham hock instead. This is simply our preference for the meat we put in, any cured or smoked meat will work. I have tried sausage with great success as well.


Dried beans of your choice (my favorite is Great Northern) Many people soak the beans overnight, however, if you are using a crock-pot to cook them, this is not necessary.

Smoked/Cured Meat

Seasonings: Pepper, smoked paprika, liquid smoke flavoring, seasoned salt (all seasonings subject to your taste, these are just what I use)

Other: Minced onions, minced or chopped garlic, minced peppers (anything else you like)

Stock, Bouillon, or Water (enough to more than cover the beans – they will soak up most of it.


Simply combine all ingredients in crock and turn it on high for about 4 hours. After this time, most crock-pots will automatically switch over to ‘warm’ mode and will simply lower the heat itself.

Then,, simply go on about your day! Go to work, school, run errands, do whatever, the crock-pot is making dinner as you do!

When finished the meat will fall off the bone (if it has one) like this!


Serve with cornbread muffins and sweat tea!

Enjoy your day and hope to see you soon!

Don’t forget to smile, they’re contagious!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, I loved my mother’s cooking. She never wrote anything down, so I have to go by old memories to recall them!

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